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Okay everyone, I’ve spent enough time on this now and it’s reached that lovely point of readiness. 0.6 is finally here!


Tons of updates and improvements. More bug fixes than I can remember.

It’s been nearly a year since the last release (where did all that time go?), and many of those hours have gone into refining almost every function of this module suite.


  • Recordable and editable Timeline for clip changes.
  • Full native Novation Launchpad support.
  • Native Korg Nano control support.
  • Syphon input support.
  • Support for new Modul8 2.7 keywords.
  • Enhanced Scrub bar for stutter free scratching.
  • Clip transition auto-fade feature. (Available in the Editor preferences)
  • Improved BPM Tap functionality.
  • Option to disable Auto-Loop function during Logical Render. (Available in the Editor preferences)
  • Deselect envelope points by clicking off the selection in the Editor timeline.
  • Edit the keyword of envelopes by text input (useful for envelopes that are difficult to pick in the main Modul8 UI)

Timeline Module:

  • Record your Gener8 Launchpad performances.
  • Dedicated module to view and edit your recording.
  • Select recorded clip events, drag to adjust timing, or delete them.
  • Adjust loop range from the timeline.
  • Zoom in for fine editing of your performances
  • Beat snapping. When dragging clip events they will stick to the nearest beat for easy editing.
  • Quantise function to tidy up your performance.
  • Beat/seconds counter display.

Novation Launchpad Support:

  • Create, Select or Trigger clips in Gener8 from the Novation Launchpad
  • Novation Launchpad displays all active clips automatically – no MIDI mapping required.
  • Select or create layers
  • Scroll pages
  • Tap BPM
  • Start/Stop Clock
  • Arm Timeline recording
  • Dedicated page for selecting media.
  • Works alongside Ableton Live (User 2 Mode)

Korg NanoKonrol Support:

  • Works in nanoKontrol Scene 3, leaving you plenty of space to map you own controls.
  • Toggles between A/B layers (top push button 9)
  • Adjust layer transparency/alpha values (faders 1-5)
  • Adjust layer audio volume (knobs 1-5)\
  • Select active row (knob 9)
  • Trigger clip on active row (bottom buttons 1-5)
  • Trigger entire active rows (bottom button 9)
  • Dedicated crossfader slider (fader 9)
  • Show/Hide layers (top push buttons 1-5)

If you’re on the mailing list you will receive a download link, and if you’re not join up and I’ll send you the goods.

I’ll be posting more info about this update over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. So much to teach you all. I am in the process of building more tutorials and updating the manual at last too.

Hope you like it!

8 )

Network Timecode

I recently got to thinking about running multiple systems of Gener8 modules in sync, and the potential power that could be achieved for large scale projection etc.

While this is perfectly feasible within the current program (using MIDI clock over a local area network), someone handed me the idea of putting out the Timecode across the network and syncing to that.

At first I had my doubts. Any Timecode produced through the modules in Modul8 is subject to the resolution of the modules scripts, which is at a rate of 1 cycle per frame.

I had previously considered the generation a MIDI clock through the modules scripts, and then abandoned the idea due to this low resolution (as it would limit the range to something like 200bpm).

However, a clock for MIDI data, and a clock for video are two different beasts. Who needs to clock video faster than the output frame rate anyway?

So, I dug out the old Garagecube ‘Network’ module and started hacking away at the code, and after a couple of bleary-eyed late nights, I have a pair of Gener8 Launchpad modules locked into perfect sync.

Now, this is all very much on the rough side, and it’s a fairly long road before I’ll have something ready for everyone to play with, but it seems that the concept is sound, and I think this is quite big news.

Multiple projector set-ups with network synced video on a small budget are only a few steps away from here.

And a few more bleary-eyed late nights I think…

I will keep you all posted.

Clip creation, Sequencing with clip follow actions, adding filters, matching loops to BPM with the Auto-Loop function.

Tutorial 1

Gener8 – Tutorial 1 (Clip Creation / Sequencing / Filters / Beat Matching)


At last, it’s here…

I have taken the plunge and released version 1.4.0b for you all to have a look at.
For some time I have been telling everyone that it will be ready in a couple of weeks, but at long last I think I have something that is fairly ship shape for you all to test.

There are a whole host of new features to be found in this new release:

Launchpad Module:
• Clip previews on the Launchpad clip-slots.
• Scroll bar for easier pages access.
• Improved MIDI mapping. Scene select knob now designed for hardware controllers with 270 degree knobs.
• Send MIDI messages from Clips.
• Adjust media of inactive Clips.

Editor Module:
• Create custom envelopes for any controller. (only applies to media elements with a time dimension, ie, not still images)
• Record realtime keyword control changes.
• Global LFO input.
• Scrub bar / Position indicator.
• Graphical I/O adjust, in a timeline!
• Pause button.
• Improved online help access.

LFO Module:
• Random waveform


If you wish to try out the new version, and are not on the mailing list, please drop me an email and I will send you the download link.

Note: As this is the first release of the new features, there are no doubt a couple of bugs in there for you all to discover, this is a beta after all!


Upcoming Update v1.4

It’s time to announce another exiting update to the modules…

Although there is plenty of work to complete, I’d like to tell you what is in store for the next release.

We will have at least one, if not two more modules joining the family, some major redesign of the GUI, a lot of important new features, and not to mention some bug fixes (and as a little present for all my faithful beta testers out there, I shall of course be including some new bugs too).

Features Planned for v1.4

• Improved GUI in Launchpad – Including Media Previews on the Clip Slots.


• Envelopes in the Editor – Record and edit envelopes for any controller.

• Gener8 compatible Sound Router module, with parametric E.Q. filter. (although this is giving me a bit of a headache)


• Developers module – An empty layer contextual module that will work as a template for building your own modules that are compatible with Gener8 Clip changes.

….and last but not least the

• Timeline – Record, and edit your performances on a timeline.

• Bug fixes.

As you can probably guess, I’m quite excited about the new features, especially the new envelopes/timeline sections. The timeline was not in my original plan (at least not yet), but during a swift weekends development of the Envelopes section I have just realised that most of the code I’ve written will easily developed a Timeline module!

Of course, by the time I get ready for the next release, some of my boasts will no doubt not be ready, and the above screenshots do not resemble the finished products.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to put forward as to how you’d like to see it take shape, now is your chance to make an impact by leaving me your comments.

Hopefully you will be hearing more from me soon.

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