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Gener8 LFO Tutorial

As promised, here’s a little tutorial on the new LFO feature in the Launchpad module 😀

This Tutorial goes through some of the ways to implement LFOs into your compositions by effecting controllers and settings in the (at) Filter module.



It’s about time for a new update to Gener8!

In the following week (if all goes well), I will be publishing version 0.62.

Things to look forward to in 0.62:

  • LFO Generator within the Launchpad module. (3 LFO’s – 6 Waveform types, and an extended range to the BPM LFO)

LFO 2 Full





LFO Input


  • Send and receive DMX triggers from Clips.

DMX TriggerIN


  • Novation Launchpad 2 & Launchpad Mini support.
  • New media selection behaviour from Novation Launchpad. Alter media of non-active Clips, and quantise the media changes of active Clips!
  • More bug fixes!

I will of course be giving a more thorough explanation of these new features when the update is ready…

New Gener8 Upd8 – 0.61

Some bug fixes sorted. Mostly on the envelope section.

▪ Error on single press of scroll bar in Editor module fixed.
▪ Fixed keyword ranges in envelope for new keywords.
▪ Layer position keywords now display minus values correctly in the envelope window. (Range can be defined by in the preferences by setting up screen size.)

To get this update simply open Gener8 and make sure you have an internet connection available.
If you haven’t got a copy of Gener8 yet and would like to try it, register here and I will send you the link.


At last, it’s here…

I have taken the plunge and released version 1.4.0b for you all to have a look at.
For some time I have been telling everyone that it will be ready in a couple of weeks, but at long last I think I have something that is fairly ship shape for you all to test.

There are a whole host of new features to be found in this new release:

Launchpad Module:
• Clip previews on the Launchpad clip-slots.
• Scroll bar for easier pages access.
• Improved MIDI mapping. Scene select knob now designed for hardware controllers with 270 degree knobs.
• Send MIDI messages from Clips.
• Adjust media of inactive Clips.

Editor Module:
• Create custom envelopes for any controller. (only applies to media elements with a time dimension, ie, not still images)
• Record realtime keyword control changes.
• Global LFO input.
• Scrub bar / Position indicator.
• Graphical I/O adjust, in a timeline!
• Pause button.
• Improved online help access.

LFO Module:
• Random waveform


If you wish to try out the new version, and are not on the mailing list, please drop me an email and I will send you the download link.

Note: As this is the first release of the new features, there are no doubt a couple of bugs in there for you all to discover, this is a beta after all!

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