I have just released a new version of the Sound Router module. (v1.4)

This new version now includes the addition of filter input sources. Using the built in Sound Analysis tool, it is possible to set up three specific frequency ranges, and these can now be used in the Sound Router to trigger you various controllers…

Other improvements have been made too including:

  • meter bug fixes.
  • improved response.
  • threshold level indicator on the meter section.



To get yourself going, press ‘PICK’, then select your desired control in the main Modul8 window. A controller title will then appear in the text list at the top. Each controller can have different sound modulation settings. Select each one in the list to view and adjust its settings.


The design includes a few simple features:



This turns the function on for that controller.



This adjusts the level of effect on the controller.



This adjusts the audio level at which the effect will kick in. This means that you can let low level audio pass thru, and and soon as the audio volume reaches the Threshold level, the effect will begin at whatever level has been set by the Level control.

There is a further slider which appears under the VU meter, which also indicates the Threshold level. The Threshold level can be adjusted from here also.



This inverts the whole effect so that high-level audio signals will reduce the effect on the controller.



Simply click on the selected frequency range options. Full – Low – Mid – High. To set-up you frequency response, go to the EDIT menu, and pick SOUND ANALYSIS.



This section contains duplicate controls for the global Sound Input & Output, there is a fader there which will indicate audio input signal level. This function does increase processor load and should on really be used to check the signal is there, and at a useful level, then turned off.


The module can be found in the online library through the Modules menu in Modul8. There are 2 versions. One for Master keywords, one for Layer keywords.