I’d quite like to get a space together to collect some links about projects people have put together using my modules. This will hopefully provide us with some solid ideas of the potential the mods give us, and it’ll save me having to knock out loads of video tutorials.

If you have a project/video you’d like to share, drop me a line and I’ll try to link it into the blog….

1st up are some fine mapping examples by Aurélien Lafargue of Nature Graphique.

Using the Layer Sequencer mod.

Next we have Kalaka dantzan by Elurmaluta

Using the Sound Router mod.

A puppet made with Modul8 and its sound analisys features, it could be done more accurate with other kind of soft, but I had the idea time ago and I wanted to give a try. So I just used photoshop to prepare 4 png (hat, head, trunk and bone) and do all the rest on Modul8. The sound is made with DM1 drum machine.

3rd up is

Mintzaldia Olympon by Elurmaluta

Using the Filter (layer) mod.

To be honest this came out by chance. We wanted to try the 1.6 versión of the Filter module on Modul8 and play with the new audio input feature added by Andy Teasdale. I had loaded the set I use for the Gorritik Beltzara piece that we perform on Muna Ensemble (http://vimeo.com/15686624), which have all those colored and kaleidoscoped layers… and those gods and goddesses came out. Some edit, a title (that means “Conversation at the Olympus” and a little music, and this is it.


Testing the new Autoloop Function by Andy T.

Using Gener8 v1.42b mod.

Came out with this while I was developing the new incarnation of the Autoloop function in the Editor module. Took very little time.


A tutorial on simple beat looping techniques by The Midi Theif.

Using (at) BPM v3.3

Beat loops in Modul8 from instructions on Vimeo.


A deep Modul8 tutorial on loads of things for an interesting stage design by HaijakArt, which uses and explains the Sound Router module really well. – Definitely worth a look.

Making of the Drop Box from HaijakArt on Vimeo.