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Bug Report: Transitions Issue

Back in version 0.52 I introduced a user definable delay to smooth out the transitions, and generally tidy them up. This was due to a small pre-load delay which occurs when changing media in Modul8.

It seems to me that this delay is causing more problems than it was solving, so I recommend for stability, to set your ‘media preload frames‘ value to ‘0‘.

To access this option, press the ‘PREFS‘ button in the Editor module.

I  believe I have discovered a much better solution to this problem, and am implementing it right now.

Hopefully an update soon…

: )


So it seems, from the number of communications I have had, that people are unclear about the use of the BPM module, and are still using it along side the Gener8 modules.

This is bad.

Gener8’s Launchpad module has all the functions of the BPM module built in, and also generates the more advanced Timecode.

Aside from this, it appears that when running both along side each other, nasty errors start occurring!

So, if you are using Gener8 – Turn off the BPM (global) module. Simple.

On the flip side, the BPM module runs on a much smaller memory footprint. So, if you do not require any of Gener8’s other functions, then you’d probably be better off working with the BPM (global) module rather than the Gener8 Launchpad. Just don’t run the two together…

Okay everyone, so during the course of this beta development, I have discovered a few of the bugs in my mods were ones I’d copied from other modules, while I was getting to grips with coding in Python.

Okay, so yes, this is a bit annoying, but now that I have the solutions, I can pass them through to some of the other mods, and the world will be a much happier place. ; )

These updates mainly improve the way the module saves its data into your Modul8 project file. But there have been some other advances too, like global LFO inputs in the Filter module’s animation section, and also, most of these modules will now check for updates on start-up.

So, there we have it. I have updated the following modules:

(at) BPM (global)
(at) Filter (layer)
(at) LFO (global)
(at) LFO Router (master)
(at) LFO Router (layer)
(at) Sound Router (master)
(at) Sound Router (layer)
(at) Layer Sequence 10×16

Most of these are available from the Modul8 online library (open Modul8, click the Modules menu, then select ‘Online Library’). You will find them in the public section.

Unfortunately the (at) Filter module does not like to upload to the online library for me, so the version there is outdated.

So here is a zip file containing all the updates. Download Updates.

I’ve also included an update to garageCube’s BPM Router module in this update (again, improved saving functionality).

For further detailed information about these updates you could check out my post on the garageCube forum, which explains where we have all been going wrong. Read Forum Post.

Layer Sequencer Bug Fix

An issue which created a conflict between the (at) Layer Sequencer v2.2 module and the Gener8 modules is now resolved.

If you have been using the Layer Sequencer in conjunction with Gener8, you will probably have experienced some freezing of the Clips after triggering them in the Launchpad module.

I advise anyone running Layer Sequencer v2.2 to update to the new version in the online modules library (open the Modul8 app, click the Modules menu, then select ‘online library’, version 2.3 will be available in the public section).

It appears the little bugs have crept their way in again.

The timestretch function is to be causing problems again.

I suspect this is down to the delay in modul8 passing data to the ‘info’ keywords.

I have a work around in place but would like to test it further before I release the update. Watch this space.

Sorry if this has caused a problem for you. I should have something ready in a few days time.

I may end up rationalising the whole timestretch system while I’m at it too…

I’ve become aware of a fairly critical bug which occurs after dragging/re-ordering of the layers.
Triggering clips without quantise after a layer drag is performed results in calling the wrong Clip, or even Clips that do not exist. This bug seems to create a lot of over-processing, and often results in a crash.
This bug affects version 1.3b and above. I now have a fix working, and this will be incorporated into release v1.4b (which will be available imminently).
I am also pretty close to solving most of the other glitches, and I feel we are approaching an alpha release.

BUG REPORT: Also, I’d like to warn you that my fears over the issue with media changes not informing the editor module correctly about media length were understated.

It appears that changes to the media on a layer (either by yourself, or triggered by the Gener8 Launchpad) will result in the editor module picking up the length information of the previous media file and applying to the active one. The Auto Loop function will then attempt to timestretch based on false data.

I shall be rounding up my brain cells to work this one out as a priority.

Anyone with any ideas is more than welcome to come forward….

…although, that said, I think I may have just discovered a way around it – i have more testing and figuring out to be done before I can say anymore, though.

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