Gener8 is a Module for the Garagecube live video performance application MODUL8 which runs on OSX.


Gener8 is not a simple module, and requires quite a nice machine to run effectively. I have built Gener8 to be compatible with older versions of MODUL8, but it will take advantage of newer features available in the current versions.



  • 2.0 GHZ intel core duo recommended minimum*
  • 4-8 Gb RAM*
  • OSX 10.4
  • MODUL8 2.5


* These hardware requirements are subject to the media content you are performing with.

Aside from buying a newer machine there are ways to improve performance when using Gener8.
It is advisable to use more Clips and less layers, when it makes sense to your composition. Each layer adds another instance of the Gener8 Editor module (ie, with 6 layers running, there will be 6 Editor modules running), so therefore more layers will use more RAM. Because Gener8 stores all of your layer information as clips, and each layer can hold up to 800 clips (but only displaying 1 at a time of course), you will find that you no longer need to use as many layers as before. This should free up some RAM and make everything happier.
More is less, and less is more . . .
                                   . . . more or less.