Okay folks, so I finally got a day free and the kids are back in school (bless ’em!). Actually, been working on some of this for a while now, and it’s finally come together.

And it looks like this:

Let’s see if you can find any…

What’s in store for this update:

– Envelope and Timeline and Timeline Scroll Bar GUI enhancements – Hopefully, you won’t notice these.

– Envelope ranges now specific to each controller. Displays and allows editing of ranges beyond values of 1.

Hopefully, I’ve done my homework right and

all the controller ranges are accurate…




– Envelope editor now deals with integer (whole number) values correctly.

– Small knob for adjusting the BPM on the Launchpad module.

– Auto-Loop function now compensates for changes in Master Speed. That’s this guy:

Obviously if you have the ‘Link Master’ set to on, changes in the Master Speed will be affecting your BPM, and so will also affect your Auto-Loop – but in this case it’s gonna be in time anyway.

And that’s about that. Mostly under the hood changes here, but I feel a big step has been made with the envelope ranges. I will implement this code throughout my other mods too at some point. Maybe I can get some more Tutorial vids done too….

Anyway, have fun!