So it seems, from the number of communications I have had, that people are unclear about the use of the BPM module, and are still using it along side the Gener8 modules.

This is bad.

Gener8’s Launchpad module has all the functions of the BPM module built in, and also generates the more advanced Timecode.

Aside from this, it appears that when running both along side each other, nasty errors start occurring!

So, if you are using Gener8 – Turn off the BPM (global) module. Simple.

On the flip side, the BPM module runs on a much smaller memory footprint. So, if you do not require any of Gener8’s other functions, then you’d probably be better off working with the BPM (global) module rather than the Gener8 Launchpad. Just don’t run the two together…