Right then. The last update is out amongst you all, and is proving to be very popular, but I have to wonder ‘what next?’

Yes, of course, the bugs and general stability are paramount, and while I devote myself the this arduous toil my mind tends to wander off into possibilities of where this all could lead…

…but surely such decisions about the future of this project should rest on the shoulders of its users?

Here’s a few of my thoughts:-

• A function to record and playback Clip changes, then edit them on a timeline.

• Improved Clip file management.

• OSC support (with touchOSC layouts)

• DMX triggering.

• More video tutorials.

• Audio Clips and audio recording.

• Developers module (so you can make your own modules).

Or perhaps we carve out a new path with your ideas…

Leave your comments and get the discussion moving.