Here’s a little space where we can all share some ideas about what directions to take this project into…

…and also to let you know some of my ideas about the development, how far I’m getting, and where I think it could go.

1st up.
LFO Section in the editor – this is pretty much in place for the next update. As part if the envelope section, you can now assign LFO inputs to whichever controller you choose. The LFO source is from the LFO (global) module, but of course the settings are confined to each clip, not the layer.

2nd up.
While I’ve done little to achieve this, but scribble a few notes, I’m fairly sure I can incorporate a beat stretching facility. This will allow you to warp your clips to sync with individual beats within your clip. For example, a clip of a dancer moving slightly out of time could be warped and dragged around to sync up tightly to each beat.
Maybe not for this next update, depending on how distracted I get..