It’s time to announce another exiting update to the modules…

Although there is plenty of work to complete, I’d like to tell you what is in store for the next release.

We will have at least one, if not two more modules joining the family, some major redesign of the GUI, a lot of important new features, and not to mention some bug fixes (and as a little present for all my faithful beta testers out there, I shall of course be including some new bugs too).

Features Planned for v1.4

• Improved GUI in Launchpad – Including Media Previews on the Clip Slots.


• Envelopes in the Editor – Record and edit envelopes for any controller.

• Gener8 compatible Sound Router module, with parametric E.Q. filter. (although this is giving me a bit of a headache)


• Developers module – An empty layer contextual module that will work as a template for building your own modules that are compatible with Gener8 Clip changes.

….and last but not least the

• Timeline – Record, and edit your performances on a timeline.

• Bug fixes.

As you can probably guess, I’m quite excited about the new features, especially the new envelopes/timeline sections. The timeline was not in my original plan (at least not yet), but during a swift weekends development of the Envelopes section I have just realised that most of the code I’ve written will easily developed a Timeline module!

Of course, by the time I get ready for the next release, some of my boasts will no doubt not be ready, and the above screenshots do not resemble the finished products.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to put forward as to how you’d like to see it take shape, now is your chance to make an impact by leaving me your comments.

Hopefully you will be hearing more from me soon.