Today, rather than working on Gener8, I have released another module for you all to have some fun with.

Announcing the LFO (global) mod!

Yes, Modul8 is riddled with LFO’s (low frequency oscillators), and I’ve never really been short of one when I needed it, but years of working/playing with analogue synthesis has made me become quite comfortable with the idea of a global LFO available from every point in the system, which is what I have done with this mod.

You’ll find it in the online library (within the Modul8 app itself – modules menu – online library – public library).

Entitled: (at) LFO (global) v1.0
also: (at) LFO Router (layer) v1.0 and (master)

The mod contains 2 LFO’s and one BPM controlled waveform. LFO 2 has the option of being modulated by LFO 1, giving rise to quite complex waveforms, and all three can be applied to your selected controllers in varying amounts in the router modules.

The mod makes the values of the LFO’s available through the shared dictionary. Details of how to use this are in the info section of the module itself. But if you need any help I’ll be glad to help.

I shall be writing a more extensive manual on the mods on my website. In due course.

Have fun!