Okay everyone, so I’ve been kinda quiet with this for a couple of weeks, and I thought I’d explain how things are progressing:-

Well, feedback from the first couple of Beta releases have been invaluable. It’s highlighted some interface inadequacies, and helped me to understand what people make of the design and functionality of the module. We’ve also triggered some inspiration about new and powerful features I could never have foreseen myself.
And, let’s not forget, the bugs that have crawled out. There has been quite a few of you who still haven’t got a copy to actually function yet, and I haven’t forgotten you!

All of this has given me much to think about, and a lot to work on. Now that I’ve put the basic idea out there, my next ambition is obviously to get something that functions without the bugs, and which works happily on all systems.

So, at the moment I’m knuckling down to a bit of tedious graft, trying to sort through the abstract code.

Some major issues now seem to have been dealt with, one of which is the installation bug, which I thought I had tackled on the last release, but it was a bigger beastie than I’d expected. So all in all, good progress. As long as don’t get too distracted by writing in new features…

All in all, don’t expect an update to be released too soon, but I promise the next one to be a lit more solid and usable.

Anyone wishing to have a look at the beta who hasn’t already will, I’m afraid have to be patient. There’s little point in you testing bugs that have already been discovered. But please still email me if you are interested and I’ll add you to the email list and inform you as soon as the next release is available for testing… Hopefully soon 😉