Hello once more fine people,

Well, I’m back again with a new update to the Gener8 modules. I believe I have managed to resolve a couple of the errors some of you have been experiencing on start-up of the modules.

There are also a couple of new features, which are still in their infancy, and I would have liked to put more work into them before releasing this, but it kills me to know that you’re all battling with buggy modules when you don’t have to be.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part and especially those of you sending me those tasty bug reports!

Thanks to requests from Mowgli, we have two new valuable features beginning to take shape…

Improved File Management
Okay, the first new feature is Media Loading. While previously the module would save all the controller values into the saved clip file, it now saves the file paths to its related media, and on loading the Clip into the Launchpad, will also load its related media file into the first empty slot in the media panel.

The downside to this new feature is that when media files are moved from their location, the module simply doesn’t load anything, with no warning. I intend to improve this, hopefully by the next update.

I am yet to update this feature correctly into the Clip Manager module. The Media display in the Clip Manager cannot display previews of Clips not already loaded into the Media Panel, and may throw out some incorrect previews, so don’t trust it.

Extended MIDI Mapability
The second new feature is row selection and triggering for improved midi mapping. This involves a rotary knob on the bottom left of the Launchpad for selecting a row of Clips, and a small trigger button at the base of each layer to trigger the Clip on the selected row. With just these 11 controls, you can trigger any of the 640 Clip-slots (pages 1-8). A highlight will be visible in the central vertical column to indicate the selected row.

I am yet to implement the row trigger button (and I’m a little unsure about how to do this as I’m running out of space….), but it should be ready for the next update. Also, the rotary knob is a 360* type, which may not be available on all controllers, and could limit you to just the selected page. However, like I say these are a work in progress.