Okay, apart from the obvious uncovering of bugs, I am working on the next update which (due to some excellent requests – thanks Mowgli! 😉 ) will include the following new features:

  • Saved Clips will now include the path of their related media file and on loading, will also load the media into the Media Panel.
  • Row selection and trigger facility for ease of Midi Mapping. This will allow you to trigger any of the 5120 Clips on the Launchpad from just one knob, and 10 buttons. Well handy!

I have also embarked on another interesting little project – one from my stack of ideas. The Envelope Generator. This is in the standard subtractive synthesis form of Attack – Decay – Sustain – Release (may the late and great Bob Moog rest in peace), and can be applied to any Modul8 keyword/controller in a similar fashion to BPM Router or Sound Router modules. Very useful. I shall be producing 2 versions, one which works at a layer level, and another which will respond to Clip changes from the Gener8 modules.